UPTET 2019 Syllabus PAPER- I

Child Development and Pedagogy:

● Unit -I
Child Development: Principles and dimensions of development, Factors affecting development, Concept of growth and development, (especially in the context of family and school) and its relationship with learning, Role of Heredity and Environment t.

● UNIT – 2
Learning – Meaning and Concept of learning and its processes, Factors Affecting learning, Theories of learning and its implication, How Children learn and think, Motivation and Implications for Learning.

● UNIT – 3
Individual Differences – Meaning, types and factors of Affection, Individual differences, Understanding individual differences on the basis of language, gender, community, caste & religion.
Personality – Concept of personality, types of personality, Factors responsible for shaping personality, its measurement.
Intelligence – Concept, Multidimensional Intelligence, Theories and its measurement,

● UNIT -4
Learning Adjustment and Difficulties – Concept of Adjustment and ways of adjustment, Role of teacher in adjustment.Teaching – Teaching-learning process, Teaching learning strategies, and
methods in the context of National Curriculum Framework 2005.

● UNIT -5
Assessment and Evaluation – Meaning and purposes of Assessment,
Measurement, and Evaluation, Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation, Constriction of Achievement Test, Action Research Right to Education Act, 2009 (Role and Responsibilities of Teachers)

➢Languages (Hindi and English)

● UNIT – 1
Synonyms, Antonyms, Spelling, Unseen Prose Passage, One Word
Substitution, Word-formation.

● UNIT -2
Tenses Determiners, Unseen Prose Passage, Change of Degrees ,Parts of

● UNIT-3
Active and Passive Voice, Knowledge of English sounds Framing Question
including Wh-questions and Phonetic Symbols

● UNIT -4
Principles of Teaching English, Approaches to English Language Teaching
and Methods of teaching English.

● UNIT -5
Development of Language Skills Teaching, Learning Materials including
Textbooks, Multimedia Materials, and other resources.

● UNIT-6
Comprehensive & Continuous Evaluation, Evaluation of Language
Proficiency, English Preparation Tips.


● UNIT -1
Algebraic Expressions, Factors, Equations, Indices, Square Roots, Cube

● UNIT-2
Interest, Ratio and Proportion, Percentage.

● UNIT – 3
Lines and Angles, Plane Figures, Area of Place Figures, Surface Area and

● UNIT- 4
Statistics Graph

● UNIT -5
Place of Mathematics, Language of Mathematics, Community of Mathematics, Nature of Mathematics.

● UNIT-6
● Evaluation, Remedial Teaching, Problem of Teaching.

Environmental Studies :

● UNIT- 1
Family – Family Personal relationships, nuclear and joint families, social
abuses (child marriage, dowry system, child labour, theft); addiction
(intoxication, smoking) and it’s personal, social and economic bad effects.
Clothes and Habitats – Clothes for different seasons, handloom and power
loom, habitats of living beings, maintenance of clothes at home, various types of houses, cleanliness of houses and neighbouring areas, Different types of materials for building houses

● UNIT -2
Profession – Profession of your surroundings (stitching clothes, gardening, farming, animal rearing, vegetable vendor etc.), small and cottage industries, major industries of the State, Need for consumer protection, co operative societies. Public places and Institutions – Public places like bus stand, railway station, school, hospital, post office, Public property (street light, road, bus, train, public buildings etc.), wastage of electricity, general information about legislative assembly, parliament and Panchayat.Our Culture and Civilization – Fairs and festivals, National festivals, Dresses, food-habits and art and craft of the state, Tourist places and Great personalities of the state

● UNIT -3
Transport and Communication – Means of communication and transport,
Rules for transport and pedestrians, Effects of means of communication on
the lifestyle. Personal Hygiene – External parts of our body and their cleanliness, general information about the internal parts of the body, Balanced diet, and its importance, Common diseases (gastroenteritis, fluorosis, amoebiasis, anaemia, dengue, methemoglobin, malaria,) their causes and methods of prevention, Pulse Polio campaign. Living Beings – Diversity of living organisms, state flower, state tree, state bird, state animal, knowledge of reserve forest and wildlife ( sanctuaries,
national parks,tiger reserve, world heritage), Levels of organisation of plants and animals, conservation of species of plants and animals, knowledge of Kharif and Rabi crops.

● UNIT- 4
Matter and Energy – Properties of substances ( state, ductility, colour,
solubility) various types of fuels, types of energy and transformation of one
form into another, Applications of energy in daily life, common properties of light and sources of light. Weather and climate – Basic knowledge of air, water, forest, wetlands and deserts, different kind of pollution, renewable and non-renewable resources of energy in the state and concept of their conservation, weather, and climate, water cycle.

● UNIT -5
Scope and Concept of Environment Studies – The significance of
Environment Studies, Environmental Studies, Integrated Environment Studies
& Environmental Education learning Principles, Scope & relation to Science &
Social Science, Approaches to presenting concepts.

● UNIT -6

Activities – Experimentation/Practical Work Discussion, Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation, Teaching material/Aides, Problems of Teaching.

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